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As your Clearance Sherpa, I will happily guide you through the Land of Rights and Clearances. I can assist your team in navigating the rough waters of clips and stills research/licensing or traverse the mountainous terrain of artwork and prop clearances. I serve as a translator, able to decipher and analyze scripts and storyboards for clearance issues and legal risks.

I can also lead you through the jungles of standards and practices as well as get you safely across the provinces of the television ratings system.

When you climb to the summit of the Himalayas you put your life and trust in a Sherpa...Shouldn't you do the same when you're producing your next film or television show? With over 20 years of experience in the clearance field, let me lead you down the best and most efficient path to your project's release.

When I'm not acting as a guide, I weave words into a written tapestry, choreographing them so that they dance on the page. I write regularly for Parade and Reel Life with Jane.

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K.L. Connie Wang

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Client Testimonials

  • Connie is a consummate professional who strives to do top notch work and surmount workplace challenges. She has a thorough understanding of right and clearances and knows how to communicate effectively to a variety of stakeholders. I recommend her without hesitation.

    Dan S., Attorney At Law
  • Connie has been a great asset and is always very personable, very easy and direct executive to work with, efficient and observing always the win-win situation...Connie follows up the projects she works in with detail.

    Luis B., CEO, Baral, Inc.
  • Connie is a confident, detailed, and productive worker. She is someone that I confide in to learn about any legal dealings that pertain to our department. She's precise in letting us know our boundaries, which has truly helped our department get through producing projects on a timely basis. Her qualities make her a great asset to any company.

    Stephanie C., Post Production Coordinator

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K.L. Connie Wang